Sven Martinsson

CEO, Valega

Sven Martinsson is a Swedish-Brazilian executive with a history of working in the information technology and services industry for the past 10 years. Skilled in Sales, Blockchain, International Relations, Management, Business Development and compliance. Sven Martinsson Co-founded the Company VALEGA Chain Analytics which runs its business by monitoring, analyzing and filtering out illegal and suspicious activities in financial Blockchain transactions to support Anti-Money Laundering processes and to help Counter Financing of Terrorism in a lean and simple way. It also caters to the centralized banking systems by offering enhanced due diligence as well as risk assessment of potential virtual asset holders, and ever growing community in traditional banking.  VALEGA has been developing its services for just over two years and have been pictured in the media several times working on investigations relating to the Twitter Hack in June 2020 as well as the most recent ransomware attack, in the Finnish mental healthcare system, in October of 2020. It is considered the biggest data breach in Nordic history to date.  Sven and his team are continuously working to make the financial industry, both decentralized and centralized a safer space for everyone.