Simon Seiter

Head of Digital Assets, Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe
Simon Seiter is heading the newly created Digital Assets division at Hauck Aufhäuser Lampe and responsible for the development of all digital asset initiatives and products including crypto ManCo Hauck Aufhäuser Innovative Capital and the crypto custodian Hauck Aufhäuser Digital Custody as daughter companies. Previously, he was in the same role as Head of Digital Assets at Deutsche Börse AG, where he was responsible for building infrastructure for digital assets based on blockchain technology, and before at Commerzbank, where he worked on blockchain projects with industrial and financial partners such as Siemens, BASF, Continental and KfW, including the issuance of the first blockchain-based security in Germany and the first digital euro of a commercial bank in Europe. For years, he has also been advising a number of international blockchain committees, including the World Economic Forum, the German Banking Association and Global Digital Finance.

2023 - Session - A

Session A1 – Crypto & Digital Assets