Ondřej Kovařík

Member of European Parliament
Ondřej is a Czech Member of the European Parliament sitting in the Renew Europe Political Group. He is a member of the ECON Committee, and in that capacity is the Chairman of the Working Group for Access to Finance for SMEs. He also sits on two further committees - the TRAN committee and the LIBE committee. His portfolio extends from transport and tourism, to border management, research and the practical use of new technologies, for example those based on artificial intelligence, and broader access and use of digital finance for businesses and consumers. Ondřej is the Renew Europe spokesperson and the Group’s lead negotiator in the ECON Committee on the Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation. He was also a Rapporteur on Digital Markets Act in the LIBE committee. In terms of legislation, his current principal area of focus is the digital world, particularly the increasing digitalisation of the economy, as it recovers from the Covid pandemic. In 2020 he was Rapporteur on the Parliament’s legislative initiative report giving Recommendations to the Commission on ‘Digital Finance: emerging risks in crypto-assets - regulatory and supervisory challenges in the area of financial services, institutions and markets’. He has also negotiated a number of pieces of legislation as part of building up Europe’s Capital Markets and moving towards a Capital Markets Union. Finally, he led the Parliament's work on a number of tax-related files, including elements of the new EU VAT regime, such as modernising e-Commerce rules that are part of a package of new VAT measures now coming into force across the EU.