Krik Gunning

Co-Founder & CEO, Fourthline
Krik is the co-founder and CEO of Fourthline. Fourthline is a technology company that offers a range of compliance solutions for Europe and beyond, enabling Financial Service Providers and Companies to provide sleek experiences continuously, starting with KYC onboarding. After grammar school, Krik studied International Relations at the University of Groningen and after an internship at BCG he started his career at ABN-AMRO, where he worked for about six years, mainly in the M&A corner and eventually as a Vice-President of M&A advisory. After that he started his own Advisory boutique, IvyRoads, together with a co-founder, focusing partly on M&A and partly advising start ups, which he did for 7 years. In 2015, he joined fintech Safened. In 2017, he spearheaded Fourthline, a spin-off from Safened. Krik is 44 years old, is married, has 2 daughters and lives in Amsterdam.

2023 - Session - D

Session D1 – Fraud and AML