Dr. Philipp Baecker

Global Lead Wealthtech and Banking Data Architecture, Bain & Company
Philipp Baecker specializes in digital Financial Services, Enterprise Technology, and Advanced Analytics. He serves as global topic lead for Bain‘s wealthtech and banking data architecture solutions. For more than a decade Philipp has been advising banks, insurers and financial investors on strategy development, reorganization, and the use of innovative technologies in performance improvement. More recently, his primary focus has been on supporting clients in their digital and agile transformation, as well as in data analytics. Before joining Bain, Philipp was a professor of corporate finance and risk management at EBS Business School in Wiesbaden. Moreover, he gained practical experience within the M&A and capital markets departments of a bulge bracket investment bank in London and Frankfurt. As a scholar and doctoral fellow of the German Academic Scholarship Foundation, he studied business administration, financial economics, and computer science at the EBS University of Business and Law and the University of Pennsylvania, among others.

2023 - Session - C

Session C2 – Transformation in Asset & Wealth Management