Dr. Joachim von Schorlemer

Deputy-CEO, ING Germany and State Chair of the State Executive Committee of the Economic Council

Dr. Joachim von Schorlemer, deputy CEO of ING Germany, is State Chair of the State Executive Committee and Chairman of the Hessian expert commission Financial market policy and provision of The Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat der CDU e.V.) a German business association representing the interests of more than 12,000 small and medium sized firms, as well as larger multinational companies. He is also an honorary member of the federal executive board there since 2019 as well as the national executive board Hesse since 2018. In November 2019 the Hessian national executive board appointed Dr. von Schorlemer as Chairman of the Financial market policy and provision expert commission.

The typical work of an expert commission of The Economic Council comprises the engagement with high ranking politicians from the respective policy area (facilitating a two-way dialogue between members and key decision makers), consulting leading academics in the field and on this basis formulating concrete policy proposals which best reflect the interests of the entire membership base of the Economic Council.