Didier Martin

Head of Division of Expertise on Documents and Identity Fraud, Police Nationale France
Didier is Master in Public Law, has a Bachelor in English, holds 35 years of police and diplomatic positions for France and EU. Chief Superintendant, Head of Division d'Expertise en Fraude Documentaire et à l'Identité (DEFDI) DCPAF, Coordinator of Horizontal Strategic Goal Document Fraud, EMPACT cycle 2022-2025, EUROPOL/FRONTEX/FRANCE. Coordinator of Document Fraud operational actions in the framework of EMPACT with EUROPOL and FONTEX, EU COM/FRANCE/CIVIPOL/UNIL LAUSANNE/MS/EUROPOL/FRONTEX Project coordinator PROFID, EU COM/FRANCE/CIVIPOL/UNIL LAUSANNE/MS/EUROPOL/FRONTEX/PARIS/BRUSELS/LOGNES/LAUSANNE Coordination of ISF Profid project. LEA restricted.

2023 - Session - D

Session D1 – Fraud and AML