Dennis Gehlen


TaKeTV stands for Dennis “TaKe” Gehlen who decided to pursue a career as progamer in his favourite game called "Warcraft III" back in the early 2000s. He became one of Germany's most successful players at the time but quickly turned his eyes towards a different career path: use his gaming knowledge and popularity to become a commentator for the first German esports-TV-channels "GIGA 2" and "ESL TV". 
After experiencing the life of an on-air personality for a couple of years and hosting shows on some of esports' biggest stages at the time Dennis decided to take matters into his own hands by starting his own tournaments on his own channel: TaKeTV. 
That's why TaKeTV also stands for the HomeStory Cup, the iconic StarCraft II event that literally started in Dennis' living room in 2010. A couple of pro-players from around the world came to Krefeld, Germany to play for a prize pool of €500, hang out for a weekend and the whole world was watching. 
The tournament's immediate success kick-started the company and gave Dennis the opportunity to build a successful business. Since then TaKeTV has moved to a 2000m² studio & bar in central Krefeld (Germany) and instead of a one-man show there's a team of 40 people working behind the scenes. 
So finally, TaKeTV also stands for a young team with a strong passion for esports and gaming. Whether it's project management, event organisation, video & graphic creation or live broadcast production - the company can now cover all tasks necessary to run and produce a successful esports show.